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Space is the Place: Welcome to My New Blog!


Welcome to my new blog! My teaching has evolved and changed so much over the last 30 years; I’ve decided to chronicle the progression of new ideas through a blog. Targeted for new and continuing students alike, please look for it on or near the first of each month and be sure to […]

Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Amy Cuddy TED Talk

This TED talk has ignited my imagination all week!

Cuddy’s research shows that not only does our brain affect our body, but our body affects our brain. Aha! In Alexander Technique we rediscover this dynamic relationship between our thinking and our moving — we begin to notice that fixed thinking leads […]

The Use of the Tongue (!)

Ann Rodiger teaching a workshop for Alexander teachers on the use of the tongue and more at the Wallingford studio.

Many thanks to teacher-extraordinaire Ann Rodiger who came down from NYC for a full day of teaching at my Wallingford studio last weekend. Ann specializes in working with singers and use issues related […]

The Poise of the Head on the Spine

Here is a way to think of F.M.’s directions of “forward and up”. I have been describing this kind of fountain for many years to describe the buoyant poise of the head on the spine. The “up” comes from our spine (the water) in response to gravity, and the head (or ball) actually rests down […]

thought for the week

Forward/Back: using our hip joints to move us forward in space

Usually where we get stuck with activities like bike riding is that we move disproportionately forward from our neck — literally “getting ahead” of ourselves and putting lots of strain and stress in our upper back, neck and shoulders and making it virtually impossible […]