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Maximize Well-Being


“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”
– Gandhi

The Alexander Technique teaches us to eliminate interference that prohibits us from reaching our full potential — it helps us get out of our own way.  The Technique provides  a tool of self-awareness,  allowing us to recognize and change habitual patterns that limit us. Inherent in this process lies a deep respect for our exquisite design and the possibility for limitless integration.


Studying the Technique can help:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Stuttering
and promote our ability to:
  • Connect with ourselves
  • Relate meaningfully with others
  • Bring an integrated sense of self to our work and activities
  • Age gracefully

I am much better than I was a year ago. How many ninety-year-olds can say that?
Ariel quickly perceives her students needs and combines her own carefully chosen, memorable analogies with Mr. Alexander’s own words. My work with many physical therapists over many years was never as successful or efficient.
– Barbara Marshall, retired Reading Disabilities Specialist

Five stars!
I have had terrible posture for most of my life, resulting in upper back pain and a stilted body motion.  Ariel is a warm and involved teacher who combines physical manipulations to mitigate the stresses my body holds and teaches me using examples of everyday movements  tp correct my own posture, feel comfortable sitting in a chair and  perfect my tennis ground strokes.  We also laugh a lot!
Alan Metcalfe, AIA

Alexander Technique is a powerful method for anyone to learn how to create fluid and effortless movements. The group class is both uniquely meditative and relaxing. Ariel has an inspiring ability to impact her students both physically and spiritually.
– Marc K. Samet, PhD, Psychopharmacologist