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Self Study


“Anyone can do what I do, if they will do what I did.”
– F.M. Alexander


Studying inpendently is an essential component of learning the Technique. Working with an Alexander teacher helps students learn to more accurately and consistently undo habituated stress patterns that interfere with their best functioning. Lessons give you the tools of both new information and new experience. Gaining more accurate information about your own structure and function combined with experiences of your own un-interfered with use is a powerful combination that can lead to real and lasting change. The more willing a student is to observe themselves and experiment on their own, the more they will learn.

Each lesson or class with Ariel will give you individualized “homework” to guide your work on your own.

One of the best ways to improve your ability to alleviate unwanted tension is to spend some time lying down in semi-supine to practice freeing your neck, lengthening your spine and widening your back.

  • Click here for an audio talk-through for  lying-down work.