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Freedom to Make Music 2020

Collaboration: Making Music Together

March 6 - 8, 2020

Balance Arts Center

151 W. 30th St. NYC


A conference for musicians, music teachers, Alexander teachers and trainees exploring Alexander’s discoveries applied to music making.

The Alexander Technique is fundamental to both a musician’s artistry and longevity in their career and can help musicians in the refined skill of collaborating with others for music making. We gather together to create a learning community that is an engaging and supportive environment in which we can clarify and deepen our understanding of how the AT can be applied to all musical activities and help further the performer’s musical aspirations.

Our conference features experiential learning, and is suitable for students at all levels of experience (both musically and with the Alexander Technique). Workshops will address topics relevant to making music collaboratively such as Chamber Music, Improvisation and Accompanying as well as more general topics relevant to all musicians such as Managing Performance Anxiety, Healthy Practice Habits, Stage Presence, Audition Strategies and Warming Up the Musician. 

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