Testimonal 6

I began working with Ariel after two car accidents had left me in chronic pain.  I tried physical therapy, chiropractics, cranial sacral therapy, and consulted both a pain and an orthopedic specialist with varying degrees of relief.  The first time I drove home pain free from a lesson with Ariel, her words coursing through my head, I was elated.  It worked!  Her gentle touch, coaxing my muscles to release, teaching me to use my arms and back without using my neck muscles, and being so enthusiastic when my mind and body understood her directions, is the key to success.  Today I am mostly pain free, my posture continues to improve; all because of the wonderful coaching I received from Ariel. 

-  Charlotte Martin, ceramicist http://www.charlottelindleymartin.com/

Testimonial 1aa

Not only did Ariel help me develop better breathing technique and posture for performance, she helped me establish good habits and positive mindset. I am so incredibly grateful for her professionalism and mentorship. 

Nozomi Imamura, Curtis Institute of Music graduate

Testimonial 1c

Ariel is an intuitive, understanding, and very wise teacher. She helped me immensely in learning about the true mechanics of my body and how to move more freely to avoid injury. She is a genius at seeking out clever solutions for problems performing artists face as part of the day-to-day rigors of their profession, and is never afraid to be honest and upfront. Ariel led me to startling self-discoveries in every session! As a result of several years spent working with Ariel, I am a stronger, more structurally aware player, and feel better armed with the tools and techniques I need to make it through issues not only in my playing, but in my career as a whole. 

 Ethan Jodziewicz, Bassist with Sierra Hull and Darol Anger, Curtis Institute of Music graduate

Testimonial 1b

Ms. Weiss has practiced and taught Alexander Technique for the past 18 years in the Vocal Studies Department at the Curtis Institute of Music. She has had a great deal of success during these years with a number of singers in the Department and I am happy to recommend her on the highest level.

Mikael Eliason, Dean of Vocal Studies and Artistic Director, Curtis Opera Theatre

Testimonial 1

Ariel Weiss is an excellent Alexander Technique teacher! I have worked with her in several capacities, both as my personal teacher, as well as my student's teacher at The Juilliard School and The Curtis Institute. Because of her extensive background in the performing arts, Ariel really understands the musician’s needs both physically and energetically. I highly recommend her for your institution!

Julie Landsman, Former Principal Horn: MET Opera, Juilliard Faculty,Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Testimonial 4

I learned and discovered so much in just one lesson with Ariel Weiss. Ariel clarified anatomical information for me in a very practical and useful way. She also suggested ways of directing myself that were immediately beneficial, both in the lesson itself, and in the days that followed. Her hands-on work was skillful and profound, and greatly enhanced the other benefits of the lesson. I left feeling and looking more balanced and easeful than I have in quite a while. As a teacher of the Alexander Technique myself, everything I learned is also enhancing my own teaching, both directly or indirectly. Needless to say, I very much look forward to continuing to work with her.

Imogen Ragone, Alexander Technique Teacher, Wilmington, DE

Testimonial 2

The first time I went to Ariel I was convinced I would never be able to maintain the level of awareness and flexibility she was requesting. Over time, the relationship between my body and my violin became more and more conscious, and the physical freedom that followed was extraordinary. Ariel goes beyond the physical- her suggestion on how to deal with nerves while playing solo Bach is one I think of every time I perform. I highly recommend Alexander Technique to all of my students.

– Timothy Schwarz; String Department Chair, Rowan University

Testimonial 3

Ariel’s careful and insightful teaching truly changed my relationship with my body. In our lessons, she eased years of chronic joint pain and unlocked new ways of moving that have transformed both how I carry groceries home and how I train as a trapeze artist. I’m tremendously grateful for Ariel’s deep knowledge and sensitive communication.
– Lauren Smith, Aerialist, Tangle Arts founder