Online Courses 

Work from Home_Alexander Technique Phila

for remote workers

An online course for remote workers to transform pain and regain focus while working from home.


Move Free,
Play Free

for musicians

An online course to help musicians free unnecessary tension.



for everyone

Deepen your studies with unlimited access to online classes, lessons and class recordings at a discount.

Move Free, Think Free / REFRESH 




Transform pain and regain focus while working from home.

Ergonomic Assessment

Individualized help to set up your work space for maximum efficiency and comfort

$65 value

Three Private

Special package of 3

one-on-one private lessons

$270 value


4 Instructional Videos & 20 Daily Guided Break Prompts





$129 value

Access Pass

Free access to all online classes & class recordings
(2 months)



$150 value

Work from Home_Alexander Technique Phila


This 4-week program gives you a comprehensive tool kit to learn and sustain healthier habits to work more comfortably and more effectively from home.


Personalized online coachings and access to online classes are paired with the REFRESH videos that guide you through sequences of simple movements designed to release unnecessary tension and help you refocus. Weekly one-on-one check ins will set up your workspace efficiently, make time for questions and directly address the issues challenging you.

*Coachings, Ergonomic Assessment and REFRESH videos are all available separately.

​REFRESH video course:       $129

REFRESH 4-week program:  $449

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Online Alexander Technique Training for Musicians

Discover playing and singing free of unnecessary tension!


22 Move Free, Play Free Videos
3 Private Coachings (45 min)         
Monthly Access Pass

Move Free, Play Free 
Video Course
Coaching Program


$99 value
$270 value
$75 value






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