Play Free


Musicians train tirelessly at their instruments but learn little to nothing about their own physical structure. When musicians work hard without an accurate sense of their own physicality they often strain or injure themselves. Injury rates for professional musicians are alarmingly high — close to 50% according to some studies. Learning to play without excessive tension not only prevents and helps musicians recover from injury (ensuring longer careers) but also unlocks technical prowess and expressivity, and helps manage and minimize performance anxiety. Workshops and private coaching sessions provide simple, accurate,  anatomical information to support technique-specific movements as well as individualized coaching to reveal mental and physical habits of strain, with personalized solutions to get musicians back in balance - moving and playing with freedom. 


As your overall coordination improves, technique of any variety improves. Coming into balance helps our movements become more efficient, accurate, effective and expressive. Breath support is maximized, anxiety diminishes, agility, power and control increase and we become more connected to both the intention and enjoyment of what we are doing.