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The Use of the Tongue (!)

Ann Rodiger teaching a workshop for Alexander teachers on the use of the tongue and more at the Wallingford studio.

Many thanks to teacher-extraordinaire Ann Rodiger who came down from NYC for a full day of teaching at my Wallingford studio last weekend. Ann specializes in working with singers and use issues related to vocal production. We learned a tremendous amount together including re-mapping the tongue, finding the “oral seal” and directing air and sound high into “the vault” to create wonderfully free, well-focused sound. We are eager to learn more from Ann on her next visit scheduled for September 23rd — stay tuned for more vocal insights!
Here are some explorations to try on your own:
Place a hand lightly on top of your head and hum. Can you feel the vibration of your skull under your hand as you hum? If not, you are interfering with your capacity for freeing your fullest sound. Check to see if your head has pulled forward in space with a back and down direction in relation to your body. Try again making sure to free your head up and over as you place your hand again to try another hum.

Now let your attention come to your tongue. Let the tip of your tongue feel where it attaches behind and below the inside of your bottom teeth. Use your fingers to find your hyoid bone high in your throat underneath your jaw bone. This is the bottom part of where your tongue attaches. Now imagine your tongue freeing back and up like a cobra, cascading forward and down to let the rounded tip of your tongue rest lightly behind your bottom teeth. Let your tongue be wide and “fat” by your back molars.



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