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Alexander Technique
for Musicians

How can Alexander Technique help me as a musician? Is training accessible to me? How affordable is it?

How you move matters! Alexander’s discoveries help attune musicians to their own movement so they can play and sing free from unnecessary tension. Learning to cooperate with your own best coordination helps free up resonance, agility, expressivity, and the sheer joy of making music. Let's delve a bit deeper into the benefits of Alexander Technique for musicians below, and explore both paid and free training resources available specifically and tailored to musicians' unique needs.


Why Do Musicians Study Alexander Technique?

AT training is now offered at some of the world's top music conservatories. Historically, musicians arrive been taught very little about their own physical structure and how it moves. Combined with a prevalence for thinking that the only strategy for improvement is to practice more, musicians can become prone to repetitive strain injury, performance anxiety, burnout and the frustration of technique plateaus and blocks. Studies show that repetitive strain injuries can be as high as 76% in some orchestras, and the prevalence of using beta-blockers for anxiety is alarmingly commonplace at most music conservatories. Alexander Technique can help give you more tools to play and perform your best music ever.

How Does Alexander Technique Study Benefit Musicians?

Bringing awareness to how you actually think and move to make music allows a deeper sensitivity to the specific responses to stimuli that are potentially problematic. Closely observing movement and thinking patterns related to all aspects of the process of making music can help eliminate harmful habits and maximize technical prowess, musical expression and the joy of making music.


Because all musicians (and humans!) are unique, AT Phila prioritizes finding solutions that suit each individual in their particular goals, challenges and learning styles. There are also common areas of interest that impact most musicians regardless of genre, experience and instrumentation such as:

  • How you sit

  • How you stand

  • How you read, learn and memorize music

  • How you pick up or approach your instrument

  • How you coordinate arm, hand and finger movement

  • How you coordinate breathing movement

Lessons, classes, Master Classes and workshops are all designed to give you the individualized help you need. This may include learning more accurately about your own physiology (body mapping), exploring non-habitual movement options through playful experimentation, guidance from a teacher’s hands and/or demonstration.

How Affordable is Alexander Technique Training?

As a musician, investing in your craft is essential, but you may be wondering if Alexander Technique training fits within your budget. In today's digital era, the good news is that there are more affordable training opportunities than ever before, tailored specifically to musicians. Here's how you can access these resources without breaking the bank:

Affordable Online Training

Online group classes and private lessons are offered on Zoom, providing cost-effective alternatives to traditional in-person lessons. These sessions enable you to refine your technique and address specific musical challenges from the comfort of your own space.


Self-guided video courses, such as AT Phila’s Move Free, Play Free Video Course, offer flexibility and convenience. You can learn at your own pace, making it easier to integrate the Alexander Technique into your practice routine.

Ariel Weiss teaches alexander technique online over zoom to a musician

Play Free Musicians' Lab

Join us online every Wednesday at 2pm easterm to work directly with Ariel on the issues you care about. Bring your instrument, music and curiosity  - let’s explore! First class is FREE.

An adult man joins the Play Free Musicians Lab online with his guitar from the comfort of his home

Move Free, Play Free Video Course

Explore Alexander’s discoveries directly applied to making music with this series of 22 videos including helpful body-mapping corrections and Guided Movement Breaks to use as a warmup in your practice room

Free Online Content

You can start by exploring the wealth of free online content available. Articles like the one you're reading right now provide valuable insights and tips to enhance your musical journey. For those seeking a sense of community, consider following popular social media accounts like AT Phila's which offers free content on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram that can support your growth as a musician.

Move Free Play Free Facebook Group

Move Free, Play Free Facebook Group

Join this free FB group for tips and tricks for musicians. Share resources with other members and ask questions for personalized feedback.

Pedagogy Geeks Podcast

Don't forget to check out podcasts such as “Pedagogy Geeks: Exploring Embodied Musicianship," featuring Alexander Technique instructor Ariel Weiss and piano teacher Ryan Tusing, offering informative and engaging discussions on music pedagogy at no cost.

In your pursuit of Alexander Technique training as a musician, affordability is a valid concern. Fortunately, the digital age has ushered in numerous cost-effective options tailored to your needs.

Your First Online Class is Free!

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