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The Pedagogy Geeks: Exploring Embodied Musicianship Podcast with Piano teacher Ryan Tusing and AT Phila instrtuctor Ariel Weiss is now available!


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Body Learning

Robert Rickover's podcast devoted to all aspects of the Alexander Technique featuring episodes with Ariel Weiss.

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Scientific Research

Alexander Technique Science

Alexander Technique Summary of Scientific Articles
by Eileen Troberman*

Randomised controlled trial of Alexander technique lessons, exercise, and massage (ATEAM) for chronic and recurrent back pain
Conclusions: One to one lessons in the Alexander technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain. View a summary of the study and testimonials from participants individuals on YouTube.
The Alexander Technique training program resulted in significant improvement in posture and trunk and shoulder endurance
Conclusions: “Improved endurance and posture during surgery reduces the occurrence of surgical fatigue. Intra-operative fatigue has been shown to be associated with surgical errors. AT training has the potential to reduce the occurrence of fatigue-related surgical errors.”
Improvement in automatic postural coordination following Alexander Technique lessons in a person with low back pain
Conclusions: The client was tested monthly for 4 months before AT lessons and for 3 months after lessons. Before lessons, she consistently had laterally asymmetric automatic postural responses to translations. After AT lessons the magnitude and asymmetry of her responses and balance improved and her low back pain decreased.
Preliminary evidence that neuromuscular education reduces low back pain and improves coordination of automatic postural adjustments
Conclusions: Testing over several months prior to lessons revealed consistent abnormalities (large lateral asymmetries) in standing spinal curvature, automatic postural responses and balance. After lessons, these abnormalities were largely absent, balance improved and the subject¹s pain was greatly reduced. These improvements suggest that, in some cases, back pain can be caused or perpetuated by poor motor control, and that methods in proprioceptive awareness and education, like the Alexander Technique, can be effective in improving motor control and reducing back pain.
Functional Reach Improvement in Normal Older Women After Alexander Technique Instruction
Conclusions: AT instruction may be effective in improving balance and therefore reducing the incidence of falls in normal older women.

*Taken with permission from Eileen Troberman’s website Alexander Technique San Diego.

Recommended Readings

* please note that F.M. Alexander's writings are problematic for several reasons - including explicit racism. While this suggested chapter is of specific interest, we disavow any association with his expressed values that do not honor and value the equity of all humanity. Please read AT Phila's Diversity and Inclusion Statement here.

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Friends Life Care: Introduction to Alexander Technique Week 1

Friends Life Care: Introduction to Alexander Technique Week 1

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Alexander Technique Class 2: Posture Myth Busting