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Online learning in community for seniors, actors, musicians and anyone ready to learn.

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Maximize individualized help available online, in Center Center City or Delaware County.

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Deepen your studies of mindful movement at your own pace with online access lessons and class recordings.

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Explore all AT Phila has to offer with our best value. Unlimited access to all online class recordings, weekly group classes, and more.

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Coaching/Supervision for AT Teachers & Trainees

Do you seek extra support in building your Alexander business?

Would you benefit from feedback on your teaching and specific scenarios where you feel "stuck" with a supportive teacher with 34 years experience teaching in private practice, community center, university and music conservatory settings?
Are you ready to grow your business and don't know where to start or what next steps make sense?
This option is for you! In addition to my own teaching practice, I also trained teachers at the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique and have helped support teachers in training for 15 years.

Sessions are 30 minutes and offered at a discounted rate of $50.

"Ariel is the one of the best teachers I've had during my AT teacher training. Her AT expertise is phenomenal. She always patiently explains things in the simplest and clearest way.  And if you want to learn what true diversity is, then schedule a lesson with Ariel. She treats each student with care and respect! I highly recommend Ariel."
Karen Lau,
AT trainee
"Our lives are increasingly sedentary and filled with stress. We learn to isolate and discoordinate - erroneously perceiving that we use our Minds at a computer and our Bodies at the gym. The simple truth is that we are exquisitely built all together — and learning to cooperate with our own psycho-physical integration unleashes endless possibilities. I am on a mission to show people of all ages and interests how this Technique can help them feel and function at their best."
Ariel Weiss,
Alexander Technique Philadelphia


Give the gift of ease -

available in any amount and can be sent electronically or by mail.

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