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Feel and function at your full potential with Alexander Technique

Move Free. Think Free. Play Free.

Welcome to Alexander Technique Philadelphia (AT Phila). My name is Ariel Weiss, and I am a certified Alexander Technique teacher and performance coach. Whether you're a musician, actor, remote worker, or simply seeking greater mind-body balance, I offer a full range of online and in-person training opportunities to help you reach your performance goals. With the Alexander Technique, you learn how to use the powerful tools of awareness and intention in order to restore balance and move with greater ease and efficiency so you can feel and function at your best.

Ariel Weiss instructs a young blond woman in person using Alexander Technique

Upcoming Events

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June 6 - July 5

AT Phila Sabbatical & Pacific Northwest tour

AT Phila Studio CLOSED - NO online classes June 6 - July 5

I'm taking a month-long sabbatical to travel and replenish - email if you're interested in having a lesson or hosting a wokshop in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland or Denver.

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July 26 - 28, 2024

Weekend in Wallingford intensive

Join me in my home studio for in depth in-person learning. Email for details and registration

"TEDx Waltham, x = independently organized TED event"

Have you seen my TEDx Talk?

Posture Myth-Busting: it's easier than you think

As a certified Alexander Technique teacher with over 35 years experience, I had the pleasure of discussing how what we’ve been taught about posture impacts our mood and health in this interactive demonstration for TEDx. Are you ready to change how you think about posture? Please enjoy!

What Is the Alexander Technique?

​Learn to cooperate with your best self. Unlock your potential and restore greater mind-body balance.

The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for change. By revealing harmful habits and redirecting them into optimal functioning, this method can help restore comfort, power, and ease in your everyday activities.

Over time, most of us have learned to  override our natural buoyancy and balance with strain and tension by working "hard” and “concentrating”. Over time, these harmful habits become so ingrained that we lose our ability to move with ease and balance. We can begin to  restore our natural functioning with a process of constructive thinking and mindful movement - restoring optimal functioning and the ability to feel at home in our own skin.

Alexander Technique gives us the tools to expand our capacity for integration - a process that helps people of all ages and abilities improve in any activity. We breathe more fully, rediscover buoyant balance, increase agility, power and sensitivity. We come back into balance, unlocking our best performance on stage, on the tennis court, in a boardroom, or taking a walk.

Who benefits from Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is for Everyone!

The Alexander Technique provides a gentle, non-invasive approach to improving posture, mindset and movement that can help reduce pain, improve breathing, balance, coordination, and overall well being. It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, from musicians and seniors to remote and office workers who want to feel and function at their best, whether on stage or in the workplace:

African American classical musicians play together on a flute and saxaphone during rehearsal


Musicians of all levels and styles can benefit from the study of Alexander Technique by improving posture, mindset, reducing tension, and increasing body awareness for greater ease and freedom. Learn to use your body more efficiently, manage performance anxiety, play for longer without injury or discomfort, and improve breathing, tone, and sound quality. From classical to rock, achieve your full musical potential while unleashing expressivity.

Remote Workers

Experience the benefits of the Alexander Technique, whether you're a remote worker or an office professional. Mitigate the challenges of prolonged sitting and repetitive tasks through mindful movement and ergonomic practices. Optimize your well-being and performance in any workplace setting with the Alexander Technique. Cultivate body awareness, improve posture, reduce muscle tension, and foster mental clarity to navigate the demands of your work.

Remote workers can check out AT Phila's REFRESH Video course, which Ariel created during the pandemic in response to the needs of a rapidly growing remote workforce.

POV of a remote worker sitting at their home laptop looking out into their backyard.
Alexander technique instructor connects palms with a student during a demonstration in a group seniors class


Regardless of age or physical condition the Alexander Technique can empower seniors with improved posture, balance, coordination, and enhanced mobility. Alleviate chronic pain, breathe more efficiently, and cultivate mindfulness in movement. Discover increased confidence, independence, and vitality through the Alexander Technique.

Injury Rehab

The Alexander Technique provides valuable benefits for injury rehab. It promotes body awareness, optimal alignment, and healthier movement patterns, reducing strain and tension. By enhancing coordination, balance, and flexibility, it can complement existing rehabilitation programs. (Always consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice and treatment plans).

Ariel Weiss works on posture and neck alignment for a young female musician recovering from an injury

How Can I Study Alexander Technique?

Philadelphia based instructor, Ariel Weiss offers a range of online Alexander Technique instruction for students around the world! Join an online class, sign up for a video course or a private Alexander Technique lesson. Also check out her Monthly Pass subscriptions for better value and your preferred combination of learning and continued growth at your own pace.

Student Testimonial

"A big thanks for your classes– They have made such a difference in restoring my sense of well-being through these tough times.” 
– Fran H.

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